The Hammies Amateur Radio Club was the brain child of Noel Hammond (ZR6DX) and Graham Busse (ZS6GL) with the idea to get Graham’s son, Nathan to become an Amateur radio operator.

The ZU course was advertised and an open day was held at National Amateur Radio Centre (NARC) for all interested scouts and ‘voortrekkers’. After all registrations were collected the first lecture started on the 26 April 2015 and, the ZU (class B) was born. Five (5) boys and one (1) girl started the course and six (6) students passed the ZU (Class B) on the 1 August 2015.

After each lecture on a Saturday morning, the students setup the radio, and with the Hammies Amateur Radio Club call sign (ZS6ZU) and registered as an educational station, the students got to talk on the radio. They started off slowly, some were nervous, but as they cut their teeth, the confidence came and they nailed it. Once the kids were hooked, it was a struggle to get them off the radio and to go home.

We have a small committee of fathers (or wanabe fathers) and us as adults are called the “affiliated members”. We ask for a donation of more than the ZU member’s fee from those that are affiliated member of the Hammies Amateur Radio Club. To view the profiles of the committee members, please click on the link here. The affiliated member are all adults that have kids in the club, and can enjoy seeing their children growing with sound technical knowledge, but also in confidence, self motivation, and overall drive to explore and achieve great things.

To be a member of the Hammies Amateur Radio Club, one needs to hold the ZU (Class B) qualification, and have paid up his/her subscription of R100.00 per year. Members are encouraged to participate in our monthly get-togethers, as well as help out in presenting our weekly bulletin. You will find the bulletin schedule under logins.

Our aim as a club is to give young adults an avenue where they can grow at their own speed, learn new things, socialize with like-minded teenagers and most of all have fun.